i will drown






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The thrilling sequel to my mom’s Smash Bros. antics has arrived! This time around my 81 year old grandma takes a shot at trying to name the entire Super Smash Bros. 4 roster, and unfortunately she also mistakes Wii Fit Trainer for Elvis. For all the references she makes more relevant to her generation I also added a side image for reference. I hope everyone enjoys this just as much (if not more) than my mom’s.

a butterfly against the full moon

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can we talk about the phrase “earn a living” and how deeply fucked up the idea we’re expected to justify our existence through work and wages is though?





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the  new ask meme: send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it

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seriously someone explain why the plural for goose is geese but the plural for moose isn’t meese

I haven’t recieved any answers

they’re from different languages (goose from germanic, moose from eastern algonquian)

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Obama, a communist


It just totally upsets me that Obama, a communist, made ObamaCare instead of making the Affordable Care Act.  That was a better idea.  He should have done that.  

so i just checked my name tag and i got music-tagged two months ago oops

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"Easy enough, hit shuffle on your iPod, (or whatever music device you use) and write down the first 20 songs. Then tag 10 people [max, I’d imagine] to do it as well"

  1. "Drifting to Heaven [Gentle Style]" - Allister Brimble, RollerCoaster Tycoon soundtrack
  2. "Song of Storms" - Tsukasa Masuko, Super Smash Bros. Brawl soundtrack
  3. "Transcendent One theme" - Planescape Torment soundtrack (i still need to play this)
  4. "I Walk Beside You" - Dream Theater
  5. "Oh No!" - Yoshita Hirano & Yuka Tsujiyoko, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door sountrack (this is literally a five-second jingle; why couldn’t shuffle have gotten an actual song from there)
  6. "Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta, Sz 106: III. Adagio (from The Shining)" - SWR Symphony Orchestra (from one of those giant packs of classical music that amazon sells for like two dollars)
  7. "High Above the Land (The Flying Machine)" - Jake Kaufman, Shovel Knight soundtrack
  8. "Venge Thicket" - Tim & Geoff Follin, Plok soundtrack
  9. "Another One Rides the Bus" - Weird Al Yankovic
  10. "Suspended" - Truttle, Out of the Shell (you’ve probably never heard of them)
  11. "High of ‘75" - Relient K (is it really supposed to be ‘75, like it’s referring to the year? because that’s how it’s officially written, but in the song, it’s referring to 75 the temperature (in fahrenheit). but they also misspelled maybelline on another song so who can say)
  12. Family Matters theme song (i downloaded this about five years ago when i played an hour a week on the campus radio station and a friend of mine needed me to fill in for them and i was all “sure; gonna play annoying tv theme songs the whole time tho” and it’s still on my computer why)
  13. "I See Dead People in Boats" - Hans Zimmer, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End soundtrack (i can’t remember if i’ve ever actually seen this movie? someone gave me this song on a giant mixtape cd for nanowrimo (spoiler alert: i’ve never finished a novel yet))
  14. "The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)" - Keith Green (this is from a mixtape cd thing that my ex gave me about four years ago (they weren’t my ex at the time, in case you were confused about that) and anyway yeah this is pretty legit actually)
  15. "This is Where You Can Reach Me Now" - U2, from the album everyone got for free. I haven’t listened to it yet. Okay I’m most of the way through it now. It sounds like U2 I guess? Okay now it’s over I guess? Yeah.
  16. "Noisy Noise" - Takeharu Ishimoto, The World Ends With You soundtrack
  17. "(Actual Cannibal) Shia LaBeouf" - Rob Cantor fuck yeah this is my jam
  18. "Joanna" - Watashi Wa
  19. "Stereo" - ainslie streeter (this is so underground i don’t think you can even download it anywhere anymore)
  20. "Durch den Monsun (Original Version 2003)" - Tokio Hotel

i never know who to tag for these things but if you want to do it pretend i tagged you but you probably did it two months ago anyway




i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with



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